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Ready to take the first step toward living your best life? Join the Accompl.sh community for just $5.00 $1.99 as a sign of your commitment to our mission and your own success!

Accompl.sh has been running as a side project of mine for over 4 years. During that time I've learned a lot about what it takes to keep the site up and running, and most importantly: a great community.

Two of the major challenges are combating spam and the cost of hosting the site. To help keep Accompl.sh a spam-free, thriving community, I've borrowed the idea of an incremental sign-up cost from Pinboard.in.

For every user who registers for Accompl.sh, the cost to sign up will increase by $0.001.

My hope is that this cost is high enough to deter spammers and to help offset the management of the site, but also low enough to make it accessible for you and all of the other great members who have made Accompl.sh such an amazing community for the last 4 years.

Questions? jenn {at} accompl.sh

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