Reach 100K flight miles

travel 2 Cheers.

Jenn added this goal on Sunday December 8, 2013 @ 5:55pm.

To be more specific, this goal is to fly 100,000 miles this calendar year. That works out to about 8334mi/mo which I find a bit overwhelming, but with a few long-distance international flights in there I don't think it'll be impossible!

Right now I have two trips lined up: a spontaneous trip I just booked to Seattle next weekend because of an insane airfare deal ($96 round trip? yes please.) and then a mini tour of CA in March for @gmeli456's birthday extravaganza.

I won't be counting any bonus mileage or credit card mileage. This is "butt-in-seat" mileage as the travel gurus call it.

Should be an interesting adventure!

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Jeremy 8 months ago

While admittedly I am at ~60k so far this year since January, I will warn you this goal is a lot harder than it seems!

JFK -> SEA and back = 4842 miles. This is going to be more difficult than I thought!

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Tacking on another, unexpected, 7394 miles! Totally wasn't expecting to go anywhere until my CA trip later this month but I took advantage of an amazing flight deal to Oslo, Norway for the weekend and managed to up my mileage! Woot!

I should also note that at this point in the year I should be amost a quarter of the way done with this goal. By Mar 31 I should have at least 25K miles to be on track, which seems a bit of a stretch. Hoping I can throw in a few longer-haul trips during the summer/fall to pad things out. I'm starting to worry that this goal may have been a bit too aggressive? :\

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Joan 8 months ago

that's badass! Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars. Don't worry about being too aggressive, worry about being not aggressive enough! :P

Finished up my California adventure and added another 5466 miles. Way behind where I should be for this point in the year but hoping to take some more trips this summer. Fingers crossed.

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Up to 27,818 miles! Even with the rest of the trips I have planned for this year, hitting 100K feels a bit out of reach. Anyone have a plane and want to fly me in circles a few times around the globe?! :D

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39,865 at the moment. Should around 58,365 by mid-November, plus or minus depending on whether I fly within S. Africa. This one is definitely going to have to roll into next year, but I'm glad I at least made it more than 50% of the way! :\

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I think 59,945 will be my total for the year unless I have some unplanned travel between now and 2015. Not the 100,000 I wanted, but I think still a solid effort. I did as much flying as I possibly could. I could have done a bit more between April and July I suppose. Hey, putting it into perspective, I flew enough miles to circumnavigate the globe 2.4 times. I'm ok with that :)

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Phil 8 months ago

More than okay! Fantastic :)