Reach 100K flight miles

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Jenn added this goal on Sunday December 8, 2013 @ 5:55pm.

To be more specific, this goal is to fly 100,000 miles this calendar year. That works out to about 8334mi/mo which I find a bit overwhelming, but with a few long-distance international flights in there I don't think it'll be impossible!

Right now I have two trips lined up: a spontaneous trip I just booked to Seattle next weekend because of an insane airfare deal ($96 round trip? yes please.) and then a mini tour of CA in March for @gmeli456's birthday extravaganza.

I won't be counting any bonus mileage or credit card mileage. This is "butt-in-seat" mileage as the travel gurus call it.

Should be an interesting adventure!

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Jeremy 11 months ago

While admittedly I am at ~60k so far this year since January, I will warn you this goal is a lot harder than it seems!

JFK -> SEA and back = 4842 miles. This is going to be more difficult than I thought!

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Tacking on another, unexpected, 7394 miles! Totally wasn't expecting to go anywhere until my CA trip later this month but I took advantage of an amazing flight deal to Oslo, Norway for the weekend and managed to up my mileage! Woot!

I should also note that at this point in the year I should be amost a quarter of the way done with this goal. By Mar 31 I should have at least 25K miles to be on track, which seems a bit of a stretch. Hoping I can throw in a few longer-haul trips during the summer/fall to pad things out. I'm starting to worry that this goal may have been a bit too aggressive? :\

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Joan 11 months ago

that's badass! Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars. Don't worry about being too aggressive, worry about being not aggressive enough! :P

Finished up my California adventure and added another 5466 miles. Way behind where I should be for this point in the year but hoping to take some more trips this summer. Fingers crossed.

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Up to 27,818 miles! Even with the rest of the trips I have planned for this year, hitting 100K feels a bit out of reach. Anyone have a plane and want to fly me in circles a few times around the globe?! :D

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39,865 at the moment. Should around 58,365 by mid-November, plus or minus depending on whether I fly within S. Africa. This one is definitely going to have to roll into next year, but I'm glad I at least made it more than 50% of the way! :\

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I think 59,945 will be my total for the year unless I have some unplanned travel between now and 2015. Not the 100,000 I wanted, but I think still a solid effort. I did as much flying as I possibly could. I could have done a bit more between April and July I suppose. Hey, putting it into perspective, I flew enough miles to circumnavigate the globe 2.4 times. I'm ok with that :)

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Phil 11 months ago

More than okay! Fantastic :)

Continuing on this one even though it's not 100K in a year: just added on 5851 with a combination of flights from LGA -> CLT -> SFO, LAS -> CLT -> EWR and LGA -> PHL -> ITH, ITH -> PHL, LGA.

I have a bunch of flights coming up before the end of the year including to Chicago, San Francisco, Iceland, and Berlin, which if I've done my math correctly should account for another ~21K miles. I doubt I'll squeeze in any more this year, but with the flight I already have planned for next year plus roughly 1 trans-con, I should be able to hit the 100K!

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