Community Guidelines

Please Do:

  • Be respectful - The golden rule goes a long way.
  • Be inspired - It's totally OK to borrow a goal from someone else's list and put it on your own. That's the whole point.
  • Share your successes (and failures!) - We're all about sharing, encouragement, and honesty here. Upload photos, add some progress reports, keep us posted on how you're doing with your list.

Please Don't:

  • Have a potty mouth - Name-calling, cursing, and offensive language isn't cool and can get you flagged or banned. You don't want to be banned, do you?
  • Share things that will make the kittens cry - Keep your photos and links appropriate for all ages. No one wants to see that. Really.
  • Try to game the system - I won't give you any ideas, but gaming the system ruins everyone's fun. Don't kill the party.
  • Post photos that aren't yours - Stealing isn't cool. Please only post photos that you own or have permission to post.
  • Create multiple accounts - If you'd like to create more than one list, you can use Credits. Remember: gaming the system ruins everyone's fun.

Any questions? Email: contact {at} accompl {dot} sh

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