Avoiding Mediocrity - 2012
Acquire a rifle, shotgun, or bow
Create a 2013 list of goals
Attend a community-based class or workshop
Play a new board game
Reduce my collection of books
Exercise in some way every day for a month. (2011 Expansion!)
Go vegetarian for a month. (2011 Expansion!)
Host a party
Try a new type of spirit / liquor
Bike to work every day for a week
Wear something unusual
Read 12 novels I've not read before.
Be happier about my health and fitness
Improve my home environment in a durable way
Create something artistic. (2011 Repeat!)
Cook or bake using a new recipe
Learn to make a new drink. (2011 Repeat!)
Go to a concert. (2011 Repeat!)
Play poker with friends. (2011 Repeat!)
Add some decoration to my walls
Make some progress on my driving
Adjust my retirement plan after the summer
Learn something new, and share it
Take a trip
Complete a SW Army (of any size)
Do something that frightens me

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