About Accompl.sh

Accompl.sh helps you develop, track, and accomplish your goals in 365 days or less.

Accompl.sh harnesses the power of the social web to support personal growth. Its mission is to create a place where you can develop, track and share your goals over the course of the next 365 days and beyond by providing the tools, network and support you need to accomplish great things!

Behind the Scenes

Jenn Vargas - Creator / Geek of All Trades

Jenn is a 25-year-old product manager / designer / closet coder / compulsive list-maker who lives for making cool things on the internets. She's hoping to accomplish all of her 101 goals this year. You can learn more about Jenn here.

with thanks to Brian Alson, Mike Klein and Adam Engebretson!


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